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Mentioned this to another commenter just now but I fixed it! That’s what I meant, I just don’t eat Moon Pies, mostly just Choco Pies, so I blanked out on the name, good catch. Read more

You are 100% correct. I don’t eat Moon Pies frequently and THAT was what I had in my head, not a Whoopie Pie! Apparently I glitched out (I’m a robot beep bopboopbop). Fixed!
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Haha I was wondering if someone was going to notice this. So I’ve been trying to cut calories here and there (I try so much stuff for work, see above), and I asked myself if I can honestly taste the cheese in a Chipotle/Qdoba burrito or bowl, and I’m really not convinced I can! I f’n love cheese, I eat it almost every Read more

So I think one of the main things that makes their McMuffins really good is that cheese. If you try a bit by itself, it’s intensely sharp (possibly the sausage too, but I rarely buy breakfast sausage so it’s hard to know). Finding extra sharp American cheese at the store is a little hard but if I do find it, I’ll see Read more

Hi, the user in question has been banned. I am assuming that won’t keep them from making a new username, so if you guys find any further harassment, please flag me down in a comments section. (I may not always see it since our comment system’s a little difficult to manage, but I’ll keep an eye out.) Read more

I really like when you give us insight into your job, just so you know. Cool to get your perspective on it, and thanks for the light intel. Still, it looks somewhat blinged out and it’s so eye catching it’s hard not to think a part of that was involved, you know? There could be a little LED light or something instead! Read more

I only gain more and more respect for you, since you may singlehandedly be keeping that flavor alive. Mad respect. Read more

Haha, hi Dave! Also yeah, I remember those things. We all chewed them anyway is the issue. Read more

The glitch still exists, at least via my testing of it! You just have to click on the image of the bean burrito in the browser specifically, not the add/customize buttons. Read more

A contributor did a really thorough taste test and it turns out Chunky brand was her favorite. While I haven’t tried it myself, I have been hearing this from other people as well. Good reminder to go try it myself once my blood pressure comes down from all this salt. Read more

If you want a bunch of hot chili sauce from Wendy’s, they gave me about 1234198273 packets when I got mine for the research for this piece... Read more

Isn’t it weird that we’re starting to get nostalgic over a mildly unsettling yet harmless-ish clown? People mascots don’t seem to sell now, I guess, unless it’s an actual celebrity promotion. Seriously, I never thought I’d ever miss a clown but here we are today... Read more

I know you’re probably grouchy about this, which is why I’m stepping in to shine some light on it. For me, it’s in case that tweet gets deleted in the future and nobody knows what it says then. Read more

Well, to be fair, I was raised on spicy Korean instant ramen...I knew someone was going to pick on me for this Read more

Thank you for pointing that out. I fixed it and am now thinking about what would happen if I tried eating 13 lbs of salt out of sheer embarrassment.
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You and a lot of people pointed this out (a thought I obviously missed, like a dumbass). I’m going to say that yeah, that middle strawberry flavored stuff in the middle adds so much, and without it, it’s nowhere near as good as one! Read more