KitchenAid Can Finally Fit in Any Kitchen

The company known for its stand mixer is rolling out a line of smaller kitchen appliances.

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kitchenaid appliances on counter
Image: KitchenAid

When you hear “KitchenAid,” it’s hard not to immediately picture the classic stand mixer. This appliance is a workhorse for home bakers, but for all its usefulness, it’s also known for being clunky and heavy, and it takes up a lot of counter space whenever it’s not being used. That’s why KitchenAid’s new lineup of cooking gadgets makes so much sense: Each is designed to be compact and lightweight for easy storage. Best of all, you don’t even have to plug them in.

KitchenAid’s new appliance line, explained

Each of the six tools in the new KitchenAid Go Cordless System is powered by the same rechargeable battery, which means there are no cords to wrap up and no memory game of matching each device to its proper charging dock.


The new devices are as follows:

  • Hand blender
  • Chopper
  • Hand mixer
  • Vacuum
  • Coffee grinder
  • Micro blender

Cordless devices are something of a game changer. For example, I love my immersion blender, but the cord is hilariously short, to the point where I have to blend stuff right next to the outlet. The freedom to move to a different counter would be nice, but alas, I am destined to be leashed to the wall.


The other innovative thing about the Go Cordless System is that each device is on a smaller scale than KitchenAid’s traditional kitchen appliances, meaning they can be stowed away neatly in a cabinet or a deep drawer when not in use. Avid home cooks with small kitchens will take any opportunity to conserve precious work space.

Each of these devices will have the option to be bundled with a universal battery and a charger or sold without one, so you can start with one device and tack on others as you see fit. Finally, we’re six steps closer to having a clutter-free kitchen. Now if KitchenAid could only find a way to make its stand mixer collapsible so I could tuck it into the cabinet alongside my baking pans.