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Honey, will you wear your special outfit while you eat that snack cracker for me?
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Sorry, but for me, not just any kettle chip is the ideal caviar chip, but specifically Cape Cod chips. Ideally the lower sodium version that doesn’t outcompete the salty caviar. Granted, that’s a level of specificity not possible for this article, but the thinness of Cape Cods over other kettle chips plus a lower salt Read more

I have Grandma Utz’s chips that I ordered online, totally worth getting a case of snack bags IMO. Now if I just get off my ass and order some caviar (usually splurge on a little sampling over the winter holiday) I would actually try that combo. Read more

Would an unsalted chip like Utz (classic, not kettle) do better since the caviar has its own salt/brineyness? I can’t get them on the west coast, so someone else will need let me know. Read more

Across the United States, food service has become the sector with the most positions to fill. Read more

It looks more like a colony of parasites than nicely fat layered salmon to me.  Read more

Choco pies are more like a Moon Pie or a Wagon Wheel I think? Read more

Tôi thường nhận được rất nhiều câu hỏi về món ăn nhẹ ngon nhất của Hàn Quốc, vì vậy tôi đã đi dạo qua cửa hàng hóa hóa Hàn Quốc ở địa phương và chọn cẩn thận 14 món khoai tây chiên, bánh quy giòn và món tráng miệng miệng miệng Hàn Quốc bao gồm rất nhiều món ăn yêu thích của cá nhân tôi. Hãy thử xem; họ cũng có thể là Read more

Turtle Chips are really staggeringly good. Easily in “best bagged snack ever” territory—especially the chocolate churro flavor. Like, they’re simultaneously satisfying in the way cheetos and phyllo pastries are. Read more

Eating uncooked ramen in a bag with half the seasoning packet was just a normal broke-ass day in Hawaii growing up. Funny to see this being marketed as the way that brand is meant to be eaten. Hopefully they drop the salt amount in the packet a little bit - that was a mistake you usually only did once. Read more

Cilantro lime rice is its own thing and is awesome. Most of the Mexican places in LA use that or white rice in their burritos. Read more

I always think of Qdoba as sad-Chipotle. Even though I know they’re pretty similar. I wrote off Qdoba when the location near my work stopped serving breakfast (probably because I was the only person to go at breakfast time, once every couple weeks). Read more

Because Chipotle’s salsa is so spicy, it dominates every bite of the burrito, and while it gives the whole thing a really aggressive kick of heat, that aspect also steamrolls everything else.”

An important lesson for cooks/producers who are tempted to just load everything up with shit-tons of spiciness: there needs to Read more

because they’d have to have a clean bowl for every single customer, adding mess, prep time, and cost. Read more

This is basically the entire gimmick of Pancheros (smaller chain; ~100 restaurants from the look of it): they have “Bob the Tool”, which is basically just a small paddle they use to mix up the ingredients before wrapping the tortilla. Read more

I miss Qdoba,  what really puts it above Chipotle are the nachos and quesadillas.   They’re both customizable.
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